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The Moveable Wooden & Glass Doors Factory is one of the largest providers of moveable wooden and glass doors in the Gulf. The Moveable Wooden & Glass Doors Factory design, manufacture and install room partitions, balcony glass curtains, glass partitions for shop fronts and patios. We established our Company including the Factory in the K.S.A in July 2003.
Our partitions with full European Standards consist of three main products; glass wall partitions (PRISMA TM), wooden wall partitions (Panoramic TM) and balcony glass curtains (COVER TM).
Our products can only be installed by our highly skilled, professional staff, trained in Finland especially for these revolutionary products. With our staff and resources we are capable to work anywhere in the Gulf region.
As an agent in the Gulf for PRISMATM and COVER TM since 2003, we continue to provide some of the top companies, banks, palaces and villas with these prestigious product s and their unique accessories.

We pledge to maintain dependable and unbeatable standard of service towards our customers, including a high level of maintenance service that cheap watches replica will uphold our position at the top of the Gulf market.

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