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The Moveable Wooden & Glass Doors Factory design, manufacture and install moveable wooden and glass partitions including the aluminium profile for use as balcony curtains, room partitions and door.
The mechanisms are hidden inside the profile and there are no visible parts.
Our systems are perfect for use in shop fronts, restaurants, hotels, malls, banks, offices and patios.

COVER TM – Balcony Glass Curtains
The elegant design of the COVER TM Balcony Glass Curtains converts your balcony into an outdoor living room all year long thus making it easier to furnish. Your balcony becomes an interior space you can use to practice your hobbies or do any household work. The COVER TM Balcony Glass Curtains system is attractive, durable and is suitable for balconies of all shapes and types.
 The glass panels have no frames, holes or mechanical parts, because the mechanism is hidden inside the profile. The panels can be moved easily via the corners and slide against the wall regardless of the angle between the panels. Opening the panels happens inwards at either end of the balcony which keeps things safe and also easy to clean.
The panel can move easily via corners, regardless of the angle and slide against the wall.
The panels are made of tempered Glass with polished margins and there are no vertical frames but only transparent PVC Joints.
The glass can be 8mm, 10mm or 12mm thick depending on the balcony height and the wind speed.
The glass panels are secured to the aluminium by using both rivet and construction glue.
The hangers are fitted on the side and the panels open inward, which makes them easy and safe to wash.
PRISMA TM – Moveable Glass Wall (M.G.W.III)
The PRISMA M.G.W.III system consists of individual panels of glass which run in a robust track layout securely fixed to the ceiling that can also be recessed inside the false ceiling.
These partitions are very smart, elegance and noiseless, ideal for use as main entrance’s or room dividers to maintain open space when needed. These partitions are available in a variety of glass finishing’s; tempered, laminated, transparent, coloured and screen painted.
No visible mechanical parts like screws or trolley wheels, but instead all hidden inside beautifully designed aluminium profile which can be delivered in any colour. Locks are also cleverly hidden away and integrated into the profile.
The first glass panel in a swinging door that can be equipped with a floor check, double lock handle, it can be used as main entrance when the glass facade is closed.
There is cheap tag heuer replica no need for floor guide which avoids the type of problems such as filling with dirt, tripping people up or even as psychological barrier.
The PRISMA TM sliding glass panel move effortlessly and noiselessly to almost any where to be stacked. The magic is performed with a few movement of the hand, no great physical strength is necessary.
Panoramic TM – Moveable Wooden Wall
The Panoramic TM system which is the wooden wall partition solution ideal for any situation, for separating large rooms or halls, while allowing the efficient use of all the space.
The system works in much the same way as our other systems but is made of high quality timer and can be finished to match the surrounding area.

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